Series Name
Season 1, Episode 8 (1/2)
Written by Doug Langdale
Episode Guide
Beauty and the Zit
 Band is the first half of the 8th episode of Dave the Barbarian.


Fang unknowingly invents rock n' roll, causing she, Dave, Candy, Oswidge, Lula, Faffy and a donkey to form the wildly successful band 'The Barbarian Six+Donkey'. However, Chuckles the Silly Piggy disguises himself as a music producer and fools the band as part of a plan to destroy them for good.



[In this episode Dave, Fang, Candy, Oswidge, and Faffy create a band with a donkey.]
Fang[singing] Donkey chum, donkey chum
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Love my donkey or you are dumb! Yeah, donkey chum! [screams]

[Uncle Oswidge invents rock 'n' roll after hearing Fang's version of "Donkey Chum".]
Uncle Oswidge: I'll call it rock 'n' roll. Cause it feels like you're being hit with a rock, and I'm hungry for a roll.

[Fang explains how she knows how to play the lute.]
Fang: It's a long story. See, there was this bug...
[Fang flashes back.]
Bug: Spare my life and I'll teach you to play the lute.
[Back in the present.]
Fang: Then he taught me the lute. Huh, guess it wasn't that long.

[After "Donkey Chum" became a hit Dave writes another song entitled "Pancake Party".]
Dave: Here's a little song I like to call "Pancake Party". [Singing]]
If I had a pancake....
I'd eat it with butter!
I'd eat it with syrup!
I'd eat it with a fork!
Oh Pan...
Fang[Switching music to rock] Let me show you how it's done! [Singing]
Pancakes, Pancakes,
Eat 'em with a fork!
Pancakes, pancakes!
Don't be a dork!


Dave the Barbarian 1x08 Band11:27

Dave the Barbarian 1x08 Band

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