Chino is a dragon who appears in the episode Here There Be Dragons. He is accompanied by his other dragon friends Jett and Roxie and lives in a cave with them. He is likely the leader of the pack. When Chino first meets Faffy, he treats him like a joke and starts beating him up to see why he's in their cave. When Chino learns that he's Dave's pet, he gives him a talking-to and is able to convince Faffy to leave the humans and be one of the dragon gang.

He likes to call Faffy "Shrimpo" as an insult to his small stature.

However, after Faffy realizes what he's done while witnessing Chino and his gang bully the humans, Faffy beats them all up and Chino allows him, Dave, and Fang to leave. As Faffy takes the Star of Night, Chino asks him not to as it was gift from his mom on Arbor Day, but Faffy roars at him and Chino relents again.

Chino is voiced by James Hetfield.