Series Name
Season 1, Episode 17 (2/2)
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Night of the Living Plush
Shake, Rattle & Roll Over

I love Neddy is the second half of the seventeenth episode of Dave the Barbarian.


Ned Frischman returns to the past attempting to conquer the world using jokes. He becomes the most beloved man in the world, and creates a sitcom called "I Love Neddy". In order to stop Ned's conquest of the planet, Dave and the gang create the world's first reality program, "Real Life Barbarians", which soon becomes more popular than "I Love Neddy". Ned comes to stop Dave and the gang with his jokes. All seems lost, when Dave grabs "Convenient Feathers", and tickles Ned back to the future.



Dave the Barbarian 1x17 I love Neddy11:08

Dave the Barbarian 1x17 I love Neddy

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