Ned Frischman
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Production Information
First appearance Ned Frischman: Man of Tomorrow
Last appearance I Love Neddy

Ned Frischman is a minor villain of Dave the Barbarian.


Ned is a lowly employee at a zipper factory of 1994. He is like by nobody, and dreams of becoming employee of the month. By a wild turn of events, one of his zippers was transformed into a time zipper. Now given the ability to travel throught time, Ned goes into the past to the Kingdom of Udrogoth. He gives the people of Udrogoth "GameGuy" video games, and forces the people to do his bidding to earn batteries. He forced them to build monuments like a Ned Sphinx, a Ned Pyramid, and a Ned Mini-Golf Course. However, Faffy, Lula, and Twinkle the Marvel Horse (who do not have thumbs, and cannot play the GameGuy) attempted to stop him. Unfortunately, ned captured them and decided to dispose of them in the Great Pyramid of Ned. However, Dave happened to come along with sandwiches for Ned, and Lula convinced him to rescue them from Ned (by agreeing to give him the secret to get past level 6 of "Bash the Behemoth."). But Ned used his Time Zipper to bring a dinosaur to attack Udrogoth. Unfortunately, it only destroyed Ned's monuments (but not before playing a round on Ned's mini-golf course). Ned was sent back to 1994, where he still had hopes of becoming employee of the month, but unfortunately for him, the title was given to Rexy, the dinosaur he used to attack Udrogoth.

Later on, he attempted to make friends by telling jokes. Unfortunately, his jokes were very old. He then had the idea that "old jokes are funny if you've never heard them before," and heads back to Udrogoth to tell his old-timey jokes with the Barbarians. At first, they are all sold by his "humor." He preformed at night clubs, and sports events, and sitcoms ("I call it a sitcom because people sit while I do comedy!"-Ned). It was then that the Royal Family decided to take initiative. Dave suggests making a show that is funnier than Ned's, but everyone else is too lazy, so they just bring an audience in and hope something interesting happens (thus inventing reality television). Their show, "Real-Live Barbarians" is a huge hit, and Ned is abandoned. He attempts to defeat the royal family with his corny jokes, but Dave tickles him back into the future with some convenient feathers. Back in the future, Ned is fuming that he can't make people laugh, but then falls and gets his head stuck in a water cooler, which gets lots of laughs from his fellow workers, just not in the way he hoped.


Ned has a nerdy look to him; big glasses, buck teeth, and his awkward hairstyle. He wears a beige shirt with a red tie and green sweater vest.

Episode appearancesEdit

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