Series Name
Season 1, Episode 2 (1/2)
Air date January 23, 2004
Written by Tom Minton
Directed by Howy Parkins
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Pet Threat is the first half second episode of the first season.

Summary Edit

Faffy is sad because the family forgot to get him anything during Dragon Appreciation Week, so Dave buys Faffy a diseased weasel for a pet. The diseased weasel gets all of Dave's attention, but Faffy tried to tell the truth but they all yelled at him so Faffy runs away. The weasel turns out to be Chuckles The Silly Piggy, who wants to steal a magical fruit hidden in Faffy's room.


Storyteller: Dawn in Udrogoth: a time for all barbarian heroes, and their trusty dragons, to rise and begin their mighty action-packed adventures!
Dave: What a lovely day to draw sap for pancake syrup!

Candy: There's only one way to show true love: we must... [shouting] shop!

King Throktar: Anyway, the reason we called is, we hid the Magical Grape of Bobo-Be-Dobo in Faffy's room, and we need you to send it to us or this giant ice monster's gonna freeze the entire world. Okay? Hello? You still there? Hello?

Bogmelon: Lookin' for something, darlin'?
Dave: I-
Bogmelon: We got that. Whaddya want? Tooth extractor? Rump whistle? Spiked helmet? Spiked boots? Spiked toilet paper? Oh, I got just the thing: a diseased weasel!

Storyteller: But while trying to feed Carl the nosegrub, Dave fails to notice the little weasel's eyes darting about. Seeking something. Seeking... the hiding place of the Magical Grape of Bobo-Be-Dobo! But to what end? Can there be more to Carl than meets the eye? [Carl farts.] Well, there certainly can't be less!

[Carl, the diseased weasel, reveals himself to be The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy in disguise.]
Dave: Bejabbers! It's... oh, what's your name? D-d-don't tell me. Does it start with a J?
Chuckles: The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy!
Dave: I asked you not to tell me!

[The Dark Lord Chuckles swallows the Magical Grape, and transforms.]
Chuckles: Ah-hahahaha! Fear the mighty, devastating, bloodthirsty... Kitten? Okay, this is really not what I had in mind.

Chuckles: Ow! Quit it! That stings! Pathetic dragon, I'll defeat you with ease, and- [Faffy flies in to Chuckles' throat] Wow! That was even with more ease than I thought it'd be... with.

[Chuckles has been cooked and prepared to be eaten for Faffy.]
Chuckles: I warn you: I'm very high in cholesterol!
[Faffy slobbers and drools at the sight.]
Dave: Don't worry. Faffy won't really eat him. 'Tis but a merry jest! Good night, and drive safely!


Episode Edit

Dave the Barbarian 1x02 Pet Threat

Dave the Barbarian 1x02 Pet Threat