Series Name
Season 1, Episode 16 (1/2)
Air date October 2, 2004
Written by Ralph Soll
Directed by Howy Parkins
Episode Guide
A Pig's Story
The Cow Say Moon
 That Darn Ghost! is the first half of the 16th episode of Dave the Barbarian.


Candy discovers that she is the only person in Udrogoth who does not have a ghost haunting her house. Caring for their sister, Dave and Fang go down to the local ghost shop, and hire a ghost. The ghost throws a huge ghost party, and everyone's ghost attends. After Candy tries to kick them all out, the ghosts get angry, and chase the gang around Udrogoth.



Dave the Barbarian 1x16 That Darn Ghost11:27

Dave the Barbarian 1x16 That Darn Ghost

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