Series Name
Season 1, Episode 12 (1/2)
Air date March 26, 2004
Written by Earl Kress
Directed by Howy Parkins
Episode Guide
Thor, Loser
Hoarders & Sorcery
 The Princess and the Peabrains is the first half of the 12th episode of Dave the Barbarian.


Candy makes her friends princess while she haves fun and all. Meanwhile, Chuckles and his dim-witted but kind nephew Knuckles the Silly Piggy are planning to take over Udrogoth (not to mention that his nephew really wants to be a Harvest Hog).


Episode Edit

Dave the Barbarian 1x12 The Princess and the Peabrains11:27

Dave the Barbarian 1x12 The Princess and the Peabrains

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