(Episode begins at the castle of Udrogoth.)

The Narrator: Our tale begins at the great and slightly soiled land of Udrogoth, where Dave the Barbarian undertakes one of the greatest challenges a warrior can face...

(We are shown Dave struggling to do something in the castle. It pans down to show he's trying a flip a pancake.)

The Narrator (continued): ...Trying to keep pancakes from sticking.

(Dave succeeds and turns around holding a stack of pancakes.)

Dave: Fang! I made my special apricot pancakes!

Lula: You kids today with your gormet cooking. It's a sickness.

(Dave rushes over to Fang, who is at the table.)

Dave: And look! They're shaped like little kitties! Isn't that cute?!

(Fang sticks her fork into the stack of pancakes and ravenously takes a bite.)

Dave (continued): (jumps in shock) Kitty!

Fang: Gormet cooking is not barbariany!

Dave: Uncle Oswidge! Fang's being mean to breakfast!

Fang: Nuh-uh!

Dave: Yea-huh!

(Uncle Oswidge walks in.)

Oswidge: Would you stop it?!

Dave and Fang: Sorry, Uncle Oswidge.

Oswidge: Can't you two just- PANCAKES!

(He bolts to the table and start eating the stack of pancakes. Fang angrily clings onto Dave, sticking her fingers into his nostrills.)

Fang: DAVE! When Mom and Dad left to fight evil, they said Candy's in charge cause she's the oldest and you've gotta protect the land cause you're the biggest!

(She pulls down on his nose, then releases it.)

Fang (continued): How are you gonna do that if you don't act like a real barbarian?!

Dave: I never wanted to be a barbarian.

(Fang streches Dave's ears.)

Fang: You did when you were ten!

(She lets them go.)

Dave: Only because I thought it meant a librarian who also cuts hair.

(He mimicks scissors with his fingers.)

Oswidge: Don't make me turn you two into cabbages again!

Dave and Fang: Sorry, Uncle Oswidge.

(Cut to the Great Indoor Market Place.)

The Narrator: Meanwhile, Dave and Fang's older sister Princess Candy is making some friends at The Great Indoor Market Place.

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