The Time Zipper

The Time Zipper is a tool used by Ned Frischman to travel to the past and back again.


The Time Zipper was originally an ordinary zipper which Ned was sewing onto a pair of pants. He threw the zipper down in frustration as he continued dreaming to become employee of the month. Suddenly, the zipper was hit by a fiery comet, bombarded by an experimental laser's hyper-violent mercury rays, doused with mysterious chemicals, struck by the powers of the Norse Gods, bitten by a radioactive grasshopper, and spoken to by a monk. ("Wow. That hardly ever happens!"-Ned) This combination of events somehow grants the zipper the ability to take Ned to the past.


When one holds the zipper in the air and "unzips," it creates a hole in the time space continuum, allowing the user to travel into a different time era, or bring something from a different time zone into the era the user is currently in.


  • Ned Frischman: Man of Tomorrow
  • I Love Neddy